My new blog

After some thinking I finally decided to start my own blog. The result is here for you tu judge. It isn't too pretty at the moment, but I finally got it to work correctly. And everything else can still be changed later, so don't be too surprised, if the design gets changed sometimes in the near future.

But first things first. What kind of blog should this be?
Mainly I want to show off my projects and get in touch with other people with similar interests. My projects are of a technical nature and are either electronic or software. Maybe something different in the future, who knows?

I'm also sure that one or another of you is interested in who I actually am.
Well then. I am a 19 year old guy interested in technology and computers. Since I have already linked the shackspace (the Hackerspace in Stuttgart) and am well-known there, I see no point in keeping it a secret that I live in one of Germanys most beautifull cities Stuttgart.
At the moment I'm waiting to start my education as a computerscientist.

That's all for the moment. Soon I will be adding more content.